Some Uber and Lyft drivers have learned they can make more money if they’re pickier about who they serve
Some Uber and Lyft drivers say declining trips can help boost their earnings.

Jefferson Siegel/Reuters

  • Some Uber and Lyft drivers say being picky about the rides they accept can help their bottom lines.
  • Business Insider asked drivers whether declining certain rides is a good strategy for increasing pay.
  • Cancelling trips can help drivers avoid situations that aren’t profitable.

There’s no cheat code for making money as an Uber or Lyft driver — but some have found strategies that work for them.

Drivers face endless decisions, including what time of day to work, what type of vehicle to use, how to net tips from customers , and the best way to track their earnings . One driver’s optimal strategy can vary from another’s based on their particular markets.

But one of a driver’s most key decisions is when to accept a ride that pops up on their driving apps. Last year, Uber and Lyft adopted upfront fares programs in select US cities that have provided drivers with more information about their trips before they accept or decline them — including how much they pay , the estimated time and distance, and their destination…

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