Heidi Klum Shares Uncommon Photo Dining Out in NYC with Daughter Leni, 19, and Son Henry, 18

  • Supermodel Heidi Klum shares rare family moments on Instagram, posting a kissy face selfie with her children Henry, 18, and Leni, 19, during a dinner outing.
  • Heidi provides more glimpses of her family life, sharing clips of the dinner on her Instagram story, featuring her husband Tom Kaultiz and their indulgence in food.
  • Recently, Heidi posted a video of herself and Henry touring colleges in NYC, making the most of their time together as he explores higher education options.

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Heidi Klum, the 50-year-old supermodel, gave her fans a rare glimpse into her family life on Instagram. She shared a post that featured a dinner out with two of her children, Henry, 18, and Leni, 19. In the photos, they can be seen posing for a kissy face selfie at a restaurant table. Heidi looked stunning in a black turtleneck and long curls while enjoying the evening with her kids. Henry smiled in the picture, while Leni resembled a spitting image of her mother as she puckered up for the snap.

Heidi also shared clips of the dinner on her Instagram story. One video showed the table spread as her kids indulged in the food. Another clip featured a waiter serving pasta to Heidi’s husband, Tom Kaultiz, who smiled at her. The final slide showcased hands reaching for colorful desserts from a silver serving dish, highlighting Heidi’s perfect red manicure.

Heidi recently shared a video of herself and Henry touring colleges in New York City. She captioned the clip, “What I do on my days off? We tour colleges,” along with a heart-face emoji. It seems like she is making the most of her time with Henry as he explores higher education options.

During a September 2023 interview, Heidi reflected on how quickly her children, especially Henry, have grown. She mentioned posting a photo of him when he was just a few days old and now seeing him at 18 years old and six foot three. Heidi marveled at the incredible transformation and joked about feeling tiny next to him. In addition to Henry, Heidi is also a mother to Johan, 17, and Lou, 14, from her previous marriage to Seal.

The article concludes with a mention of a related gallery showcasing Leni Klum’s transformation from a child to a model.

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