Justin Timberlake Enthusiastically Describes Social Network Reunion With Dakota Johnson, Remarks on Their Shared Progress

  • Justin Timberlake and Dakota Johnson, stars of “The Social Network,” will reunite on SNL.
  • Johnson recalls a nervous but amazing experience filming with Timberlake in the movie.
  • Andrew Garfield reflects on being starstruck by Timberlake on set and calls the experience “cool.”

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Justin Timberlake and Dakota Johnson, who both appeared in the film “The Social Network,” will reunite on the upcoming episode of “Saturday Night Live.” Timberlake shared a still from the movie on his Instagram Story, expressing excitement for the reunion and tagging Johnson and SNL. In the film, Timberlake played Napster founder Sean Parker, while Johnson portrayed a Stanford University student.

During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Johnson discussed filming a scene with Timberlake in the movie. She recalled feeling nervous but said it was an amazing experience. The two actors will now have the opportunity to work together again on SNL.

In “The Social Network,” Timberlake’s character encounters Johnson’s character after a hookup. He learns about Facebook when he sees her laptop open to the website. The film tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook, with Timberlake playing a key role as Sean Parker.

Andrew Garfield, who also starred in “The Social Network,” played Zuckerberg’s app cofounder Eduardo Saverin. He reminisced about being starstruck by Timberlake during filming. Garfield recalled accidentally entering Timberlake’s trailer and seeing his homework, which included cue cards and internal choices. He described the experience as “cool.”

On the upcoming SNL episode, Johnson will serve as the host, while Timberlake will be the musical guest. Timberlake, who has hosted SNL five times before, hinted that he may appear in some sketches during an interview with Apple Music. He joked about not having his Five-Timers Club jacket anymore, suggesting that it has been reused.

The reunion between Timberlake and Johnson on SNL is anticipated to be a highlight of the episode, bringing together two talented actors who previously worked together on a highly acclaimed film. Fans are excited to see what surprises and humorous moments they will bring to the show.

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