Matt Gaetz Seeks to Remove GOP Congressman Who Previously Yelled at Him During House Session

  • Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz endorses Darren Bailey in his primary campaign against Mike Bost, referring to Bost as “lackluster” and comparing him to Liz Cheney.
  • Gaetz’s endorsement, reported by POLITICO, is seen as a blow to Bost’s campaign, as Gaetz has a strong conservative following.
  • Bost’s history of angry outbursts and confrontations with Gaetz have been well-known, potentially affecting his reputation and campaign.

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Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida is endorsing Darren Bailey, a former Illinois state representative and failed GOP gubernatorial candidate, in his primary campaign against fellow Republican Congressman Mike Bost. Gaetz, who was famously screamed at by Bost on the House floor in January 2023, called Bost “lackluster” and compared him to Liz Cheney. Gaetz is confident that Bailey, whom he refers to as a proven conservative and fighter, will be an upgrade over Bost. Bailey has also been endorsed by Rep. Mary Miller, another Illinois representative. Gaetz is set to headline a rally with Bailey in Illinois next week.

The endorsement by Gaetz, who helped defeat Liz Cheney in her race, was reported by POLITICO. Bost, when asked about Gaetz’s endorsement, said he never considered Gaetz a threat but rather an “ass.”

Bost’s angry outbursts and confrontations with Gaetz have been well-known, both during their heated exchange on the House floor and during a closed-door GOP meeting in October. Bost reportedly lunged at Gaetz during the meeting after Gaetz led the ouster of Kevin McCarthy.

Gaetz’s endorsement is seen as a significant blow to Bost’s reelection campaign, as Gaetz has a strong following among conservatives. Bost’s reputation for angry outbursts and stress-related health issues have also been highlighted in reports.

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