Two Officers Wounded in Shooting at Residence Subsequently Engulfed by Fire

  • Massive house fire in Pennsylvania leaves six to eight people missing, including children.
  • Ongoing fire hampers authorities’ search for bodies and evidence; search to be conducted on Thursday.
  • Two officers injured by gunfire during response, in stable condition; unclear if shooter is alive or if there are other occupants inside. Investigation ongoing.

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At least six to eight people are still missing after a massive house fire broke out at a residence in Pennsylvania. Authorities were responding to an emergency call when the incident occurred. During the response, officers encountered gunfire and the house became engulfed in flames. There is a family, including children, living in the home.

Due to the ongoing fire, authorities will conduct a search for bodies and evidence on Thursday. Two male officers from the East Lansdowne and Lansdowne police departments were injured by gunshots but were safely rescued by officers from the Upper Darby Police Department. The injured officers are in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries.

A 911 caller reported that an 11-year-old girl had been shot at the residence, although authorities have been unable to confirm this due to their inability to enter the home. It is also unclear if the shooter is still alive or if there are any other occupants inside. The investigation is still ongoing.

The fire has largely burned out the house, and no shots have been fired since the initial incident. Some neighbors reported hearing gunshots during the incident and later being evacuated by SWAT members for their safety.

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