Law Enforcement Intensifies Crackdown on Super Bowl Counterfeit Merchandise

  • Law enforcement seizes 4,600 counterfeit football items worth nearly $1 million in Las Vegas ahead of the Super Bowl.
  • Homeland Security Investigations estimates there could be trillions of counterfeit items in circulation.
  • HSI launches a website to help fans identify and avoid purchasing fake merchandise.

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Law enforcement officials have cracked down on Super Bowl counterfeits in Las Vegas, seizing 4,600 football forgeries and counterfeits worth nearly $1 million. The operation was conducted by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents over the past few days. Katrina Berger, executive associate director for HSI, highlighted the massive scale of the counterfeit industry, estimating that there could be trillions of counterfeit items in circulation. Criminal organizations sell these counterfeit goods and use the profits for nefarious purposes. Many of these counterfeits are sold online, putting buyers at risk of identity theft.

During a walk down Fremont Street near the Las Vegas Strip, Brandon Crane, assistant special agent in charge for HSI, identified several fake NFL merchandise items. He explained that as the Super Bowl approaches, the prevalence of counterfeit goods will increase, with individuals setting up pop-up shops and selling items out of their car trunks. Among the items seized this year were a fake Lombardi Trophy, jerseys, and knock-off Super Bowl championship rings. Last year’s Operation Team Player resulted in 434 arrests.

HSI has launched a website to help football fans identify counterfeit merchandise and provide assistance if they believe they have purchased counterfeit items. Katrina Berger urged fans to “keep it real” and avoid purchasing fake merchandise.

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