Sacramento Couple Buys Dream Stone House in France for Retirement

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In a heartwarming twist of fate, Michael and April Meyer, a couple from Sacramento, stumbled upon a dream nearly all of us nurture but seldom achieve – owning a quaint stone house in the lush French countryside. In 2022, the Meyers took a bold step that transformed their lives significantly by purchasing a picturesque house in France for about $108,000.

But this was no simple real estate transaction; it was the beginning of an adventure that would see them embracing a new culture, language, and community, all while pondering a future retirement under the tranquil French sky. Let’s dive into their journey from Sacramento to France, a narrative not just about relocating, but about rediscovering life in a whole new context.

The Meyers’ enchantment with France began five years ago on a trip to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. That journey ignited a love for the country’s culture, landscapes, and lifestyle that they couldn’t shake off.

Fast forward to Michael’s retirement from his engineering job, the couple found themselves at a crossroads, yearning for a change. They sold their larger home in California in pursuit of a simpler, more fulfilling life overseas.

With only their enthusiasm and a desire for a fresh start guiding them, the couple arranged a six-week trip across France to find a place they could call their new home.

It wasn’t long before their quest led them to a small hamlet in central France, where they discovered a fully furnished stone house built in 1789. The charm of the property was undeniable – three bedrooms, one bathroom, and sprawling over 1.6 acres of land, all for the astonishing price of about $108,000. This acquisition was not just about the house itself but represented a canvas on which they could reimagine their lives.

Michael and April have since thrown themselves into the heart of French living. They are actively learning the language, engaging with their neighbors, and integrating into the local culture with open arms.

They honor the traditions and customs of their adopted community, finding joy in the everyday simplicity that life in France offers. Their enthusiasm and willingness to embrace this new chapter is a testament to their adventurous spirits.

Economically, the decision to move has been fortuitous as well. The lower cost of living in France, when compared to their life in California, has played a significant role in their contemplation of retiring in France. This shift not only suits their financial planning but also aligns with their desires for a serene retirement, surrounded by the natural beauty and historic charm of the French countryside.

In an era where digital connectivity allows us to share our experiences with the world, the Meyers have taken to YouTube to document their journey. Through their channel, they not only keep their friends and family updated but also inspire others who might harbor similar dreams of restarting their lives in a foreign land. Their story is a beacon for those yearning for change, proving that with a bit of courage and a lot of love, finding a new home across the globe is not just possible, but can be the start of a fulfilling new chapter.

In sum, Michael and April Meyer’s leap into the unknown has turned into a fairy tale of sorts, proving that sometimes, the best life is the one you hadn’t planned for. From a celebratory trip to an impromptu decision to buy a house, their journey is a reminder that the path to happiness often requires stepping out of our comfort zone and into the embrace of new cultures, communities, and possibilities.

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