Jennifer Lopez Snaps Selfie With Her ‘Atlas’ Billboard

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## Jennifer Lopez Takes Center Stage Next to Her Own Billboard!

Jennifer Lopez proved to be her biggest cheerleader, capturing the moment in front of her very own movie billboard. The superstar was spotted taking selfies against the backdrop of her large advertisement for “Atlas,” her latest film, showcasing a true meta moment.

When in Los Angeles on a Friday, Lopez made a stop to take some Instagram-perfect photos with the giant billboard of “Atlas” behind her, expertly finding her angles for the camera.

But her photo op didn’t end there. Lopez made her way to another Netflix billboard featuring a bold statement, “DON’T F WITH JLO,” aligning with her tough on-screen persona in Netflix’s action-packed movie.

Although these snapshots haven’t graced her Instagram yet, Lopez appeared to thoroughly enjoy promoting her film. “Atlas” introduces audiences to Atlas Shepherd, a data analyst who turns to AI as humanity’s last hope.

Trouble briefly clouded her promotional efforts earlier in the week in Mexico City when an audacious reporter inquired about her marital troubles with Ben Affleck. Lopez retorted with a pointed, “You know better than that!” Although she maintained her composure, the irritation was palpable, especially since Netflix’s PR and Lopez’s team had previously cautioned the media against personal inquiries.

Amid rumors of her and Affleck living in separate homes and Affleck’s inconsistent appearances with his wedding ring, their marriage has been under intense scrutiny. However, after being seen together looking happy on a dinner outing, followed by Lopez attending the “Atlas” premiere solo, it seems she’s skillfully using the gossip to fuel interest in her film.

J Lo knows how to make a statement!

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