Elon Musk and SpaceX Executives Accused of Making Inappropriate Jokes in Video

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Elon Musk and his company SpaceX are facing legal action from eight former employees. These ex-staff members claim their dismissal was in retaliation for airing grievances about a work environment they described as hostile. They are taking their grievances to court in California, accusing Musk of firing them after they penned an open letter to company management voicing their concerns.

The lawsuit paints a grim picture of working conditions at SpaceX, alleging that under Musk’s direction, the company is stuck in a bygone era where women are objectified, and lewd behavior is commonplace. According to the complaint, Musk and other executives are accused of participating in a corporate culture that trivializes sexual misconduct, including making a video that jokes about such behavior. This video was reportedly shown at an employee holiday gathering, featuring a segment where the VP of human resources is depicted engaging in inappropriate behavior.

SpaceX has not commented on these allegations. Paige Holland-Thielen, one of the plaintiffs, emphasized the lawsuit’s role in their fight for justice and accountability, calling for significant reforms in the company’s workplace policies.

The legal action levels multiple charges at SpaceX, including creating a hostile work environment, retaliation, failure to prevent harassment, gender discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, and wrongful termination. These former employees had previously lodged a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board alleging retaliation, only for SpaceX to counter with a lawsuit claiming the agency’s enforcement breached the US Constitution. A recent appeals court decision temporarily halted the agency’s proceedings against SpaceX.

In a separate development, a report by the Wall Street Journal brought to light new accusations of inappropriate conduct by Musk, including claims of a sexual relationship with a former intern. This adds another layer to Musk’s challenging week as Tesla shareholders are set to decide on a lucrative $55 billion compensation package for him.

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