Record Heatwave: Over 135 Million Americans Affected This Week

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June 16 – A significant heatwave is set to affect an estimated 135 million people across the United States, stretching from Chicago to New York. In the desert Southwest, temperatures are anticipated to soar above 110 degrees, according to weather experts.

In this image, baseball enthusiast Mark Stuhlsatz is seen cooling himself with water amidst the 90-degree Fahrenheit heat during a Chicago Cubs-St. Louis Cardinals game at Busch Stadium in 2023.

This scorching phenomenon marks the first major heatwave of 2024, bringing the Midwest to a sweltering high in the mid-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat index is expected to near the 100s, making air conditioning a refuge for many.

AccuWeather’s Lead Video Meteorologist, Bernie Rayno, emphasized the potential strain on power supplies due to the escalated need for air conditioning, signaling possible impacts on the power infrastructure.

The heat is predicted to commence this Sunday in Chicago, ushering in a series of days with temperatures hovering in the low to mid-90 degrees Fahrenheit, persisting through at least Thursday, with no precipitation anticipated.

Philadelphia is expected to endure a continuous spell of 90-degree days for over a week.

This wave of extreme heat aligns with the onset of summer this Thursday, reinforcing the season’s start with intense weather conditions.

According to the National Weather Service, heatwaves stand as the most lethal weather-related events, claiming more lives annually than tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, or lightning strikes.

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