Demi Moore and Emma Heming Willis Celebrate Bruce Willis on Father’s Day

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In a heartfelt Instagram post celebrating Father’s Day, Demi Moore and Emma Heming Willis, joined by Bruce Willis’ daughters Rumer, Talulah, and Scout, paid tribute to the beloved actor, commending him for being an outstanding father. They affectionately referred to him as their “favorite girl dad,” expressing their love and appreciation with the message, “We love you, BW!”

Bruce Willis is the father of five daughters: Rumer (35), Scout (32), Tallulah (30) with his former wife Demi Moore (61), and Mabel (12), Evelyn (10) with his current wife Emma Heming Willis (45). Recently, he also became a grandfather when his daughter Rumer, along with her partner Derek Thomas, welcomed their daughter, Louetta.

His prowess and dedication as a father to girls have been frequently praised by his daughters. In an interview with “Today” show hosts Hoda Kotby and Jenna Bush Hager, Rumer highlighted Bruce’s deep connection with all his daughters and his joy in now being a grandfather, a role that allows him and Demi Moore to relive fond memories of their own children’s younger years without the burdens of parental duties.

In 2023, the family faced challenges as Bruce retired from acting due to his struggle with aphasia, and later, his diagnosis with frontotemporal dementia, a condition with significant effects on speech and motor skills, was disclosed. This difficult period has reportedly brought the Woods family closer as they unite to support Bruce, ensuring that memories of their collective love and affection are constantly reinforced around him. According to sources close to the family, despite the need for continual care, at least one family member is always by Bruce’s side, highlighting the family’s dedication and unity during this trying time.

Rumer Willis, speaking about her father’s condition and the family’s journey, expressed hope that their transparency and solidarity through Bruce’s health challenges might offer solace and inspiration to others facing similar situations. Their openness about navigating this diagnosis together underscores the strength and love at the heart of their family.

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