Xi Claims US Attempting to Provocate Taiwan Invasion, Refuses to Act: Report

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In Beijing, in a rare assertion to a foreign official, China’s President Xi Jinping conveyed his suspicion to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, according to the Financial Times. He suggested the United States was attempting to provoke China into launching a military action against Taiwan, a move he insists China will not fall for. These comments were reportedly made during their meeting last April, marking the first time Xi has shared these concerns with a leader from outside China, as per insider sources.

Xi Jinping has been vocal internally about his belief that the US is setting a trap for China with Taiwan at its center, a stance he reaffirmed in a discussion with officials in his own nation. In a specific declaration, not included in the official press release from the meeting, the Chinese leader described Taiwan as the pivotal interest of China, stating there would be no compromise on this issue.

The Financial Times disclosed that this conversation took place against a background of changing dynamics in the US’s approach to Taiwan. Historically, the United States has practiced a policy of “strategic ambiguity” concerning Taiwan, supporting it as a crucial ally while stopping short of guaranteeing military aid in the event of a Chinese attack. However, recent activism by US Congress and explicit support for Taiwan suggest a shift in policy, potentially heightening tensions.

Notably, the United States has made moves that signify a strengthening of its support for Taiwan, including a visit by a US congressional delegation to the island to affirm US-Taiwan relations, which happened shortly after China performed military exercises in the vicinity. President Joe Biden has also made statements asserting US’s willingness to defend Taiwan, a stance that has taken China by surprise, according to analysts.

Experts like Kerry Brown of the Lau China Institute at King’s College London interpret Xi’s accusation as indicative of China’s alarm over the US’s increasing firmness on Taiwan issues. There have been calls within the US for a more explicit recognition of Taiwan, a step that China views as a provocatory red line.

The tension extends to diplomatic interactions, with China’s foreign minister warning the US not to cross China’s ‘red lines’. The complexity of these international relations underscores the delicate balance of power and interests in the region, with the potential for significant global impact depending on how these dynamics evolve.

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