Florida Teen Kills Parents, Injures Deputy in Shooting Incident

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In a tragic incident over the weekend in Tampa, Florida, a 19-year-old fatally shot his parents in their home and wounded a deputy during a confrontation with law enforcement, before being fatally shot by officers. The ordeal took place in the residence of Christos Themelis, 51, his wife Rebecca, 48, and their son, Christos Jr., as reported by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The series of events began when Christos Jr. shot his father with a firearm he had obtained. Following the shooting, a distressed 911 call was made by Rebecca, during which the sound of gunfire was audible in the background, informing dispatchers that her son had shot her husband.

When law enforcement arrived at the scene, they encountered Rebecca outside the home alongside her armed son. Body camera footage from the deputies captured a tense standoff, during which Christos Jr. held his mother hostage and was warned by deputies about reaching for his waistband. In a harrowing turn of events, Christos Jr. fatally shot his mother before engaging the deputies, shooting Deputy Shane McGough in the leg.

Body camera footage showed the moments Deputy McGough was hit and helped to safety by a colleague. A shootout ensued, resulting in Christos Jr.’s death.

Deputy McGough was subsequently transported to a local hospital for surgery on his leg, where he is reported to be in good spirits, surrounded by his family. Efforts are underway to extract the bullet and address the injury he sustained.

Sheriff Chad Chronister extended an appeal for prayers and support for Deputy McGough and all officers involved in the incident. Meanwhile, the motivation behind this distressing act of violence remains under investigation by the Hillsborough County deputies.

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