J.J. Watt Flaunts Fit Physique in Post-Retirement Workout

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If J.J. Watt decides to switch to professional bodybuilding, he certainly appears to have the physique for it. The former NFL player, who retired after the 2022 season, recently posted a shirtless photo on his social media account after a workout session, showing that he has maintained his impressive physique, complete with well-defined pecs, strong quads, and broad shoulders.

Now 35, the ex-defensive end seems to be enjoying his retirement. In the caption of his muscular snapshot, he simply wrote, “Progress.” While Watt has embarked on a successful broadcasting career post-football and shows no signs of returning to professional sports, the possibility still lingers mildly in the air.

Notably, Watt has stated in the past that he would consider a return to the field if Houston Texans’ head coach DeMeco Ryans really needed him, despite his ongoing commitment to his fitness for non-competitive purposes. He articulated this sentiment clearly, noting that he’s told Coach Ryans to only reach out in a true pinch, but reassured that he would be ready if called upon.

For now, it seems Watt is more than happy to focus on his fitness, mastering what appears to be a regimen aimed more at personal satisfaction than preparing for athletic competition.

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