United Airlines Flight Safely Lands in Denver Despite Losing Wheel

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A United Airlines flight successfully touched down in Denver on Monday after experiencing the loss of a wheel during its departure from Los Angeles that same morning. Airport authorities at Denver International reported that United Flight 1001, a Boeing 757-200, arrived safely just before 11 a.m. following the incident with its rear landing gear at LAX. There were no injuries among the 174 passengers and seven crew members aboard.

United Airlines has since launched an inquiry to identify the cause of the detachment, and the lost wheel has been located back in Los Angeles.

Passenger Allen Stubblefield, who was en route from Southern California to Iowa with a stopover in Denver, recounted that the takeoff seemed normal. It wasn’t until mid-flight that the pilot announced over the PA system they would need to make an emergency landing. According to Stubblefield, a seasoned flyer, passengers remained calm without any signs of panic.

During the flight’s final approach, an announcement from a flight attendant instructed everyone to “brace, brace, brace.” Stubblefield noted the landing was rougher than usual but resulted in only a minor jolt. He later engaged in casual conversation with fellow passengers to maintain a sense of normalcy as they taxied to the gate.

Archived transmissions reveal that other pilots had spotted and alerted air traffic control about the missing wheel. “A tire came off that B757 that took off,” reported one pilot, witnessing the wheel as it rolled away.

This incident comes after a separate occurrence in March when a United Airlines Boeing 777 managed a safe landing at LAX after shedding a tire post-takeoff from San Francisco, resulting in considerable damage on the ground.

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