Cassie Expresses Outrage Over River Rafting and Private Jet Images

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Diddy may have inadvertently provoked more controversy, as his recent carefree social media displays have apparently spurred his ex, Cassie Ventura, and others to take legal standpoints. Cassie’s legal representative, Douglas Wigdor, commented to TMZ that Diddy’s leisure activities, such as white water rafting, won’t suffice to navigate the rough legal challenges he faces ahead.

In another instance, Adria English’s attorney, Ariel Mitchell-Kidd, expressed dissatisfaction after viewing images of Diddy white water rafting and using his private jet. She stated that seeing him lead a seemingly unaffected life despite numerous allegations over the years has only fueled Mrs. English’s resolve to seek justice.

Mitchell-Kidd emphasized that Mrs. English and other plaintiffs lack the vast resources of Defendant Combs, yet are determined to fight against the exploitation and injustices they allege were perpetrated by the billionaire.

Furthermore, reports reveal that Diddy is attempting to discreetly sell his L.A. mansion, initially purchased for $40 million in 2014, now listed at an ambitious $70 million. This comes after the property was raided by Homeland Security.

Mitchell-Kidd asserts that Diddy’s actions, including his attempts to sell his mansion, do little to evoke sympathy, highlighting his long-standing public persona of wealth and success. Meanwhile, legal proceedings, including a grand jury investigation into allegations including sex trafficking, continue to unfold. Mitchell-Kidd and her clients are eagerly anticipating not only their day in court but also the outcomes of federal actions against such high-profile figures.

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