Prosecutor: Weinstein Accused of More Rapes, Charges Pending

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Harvey Weinstein returned to a Manhattan criminal court on Tuesday as new allegations surfaced claiming he raped even more women than those previously involved in his case. During the hearing, prosecutors explained their ongoing investigation into additional claims brought forth since Weinstein’s earlier conviction was reversed on appeal in April. Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg assured Judge Curtis Farber that they plan to take at least one new victim’s allegation to a grand jury, indicating possible future charges.

Blumberg stated, “We believe the defendant forcibly raped and sexually abused women in Manhattan that fall within the statute of limitations,” highlighting readiness from new accusers who previously hesitated to join the legal battle. However, she did not specify when new charges might be filed but mentioned readiness for a trial by fall.

Weinstein has consistently denied all accusations of sexual misconduct. His legal team, led by Arthur Aidala, has questioned the credibility of the new accusers, suggesting that the prosecution is engaging in a witch-hunt with tactics designed to find crimes for a predetermined defendant.

During the court session, Weinstein, appearing physically frail and in a wheelchair, faced health concerns described by Aidala, including serious conditions affecting his lungs, heart, spine, and vision, exacerbated by diabetes. Aidala emphasized Weinstein’s deteriorating health and family concerns, portraying him as eager to resolve his legal troubles.

Previous criticisms from the defense about prosecutorial conduct, including alleged intimidation tactics against one of Weinstein’s accusers, were also addressed. The prosecution refuted claims of delay tactics in bringing forward the case.

In the audience, Jessica Mann, a key witness in Weinstein’s initial trial, provided poignant testimony about her experience, describing Weinstein’s physical dominance and coercive control.

Despite the overturning of Weinstein’s original conviction due to procedural errors, the Manhattan DA’s office remains committed to a retrial, pending the willingness of the alleged victims to testify once more. Weinstein is scheduled for another court appearance on July 19 and is concurrently appealing a separate rape conviction in Los Angeles.

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