Teen Bitten by Shark at Florida Lifeguard Camp

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A Florida teenager was bitten by a shark during lifeguard training near the Ponce Inlet lifeguard tower, according to Volusia County Beach Safety officials. The incident occurred shortly before noon on Monday, when the 14-year-old was practicing entering the water and accidentally landed on a 4-to-5-foot blacktip shark, as reported by CBS affiliate WKMG.

The injuries sustained by the teenager were not life-threatening. After the attack, he received stitches, which were administered by his parents.

This latest incident follows closely on the heels of two other shark-related injuries at New Smyrna Beach. On Friday, a 26-year-old man was bitten on the foot while relaxing on an innertube, and on Thursday, a 21-year-old suffered a bite while playing football in shallow waters.

Additionally, earlier in June, another shark attack off the east coast of Florida resulted in a severe injury to a man’s right arm. Moreover, a woman and two teenage girls were also attacked in separate incidents along Florida’s Gulf Coast earlier in the month.

Authorities continue to caution swimmers about the heightened risk of shark encounters, especially between April and October, which the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission identifies as the peak shark activity period in the state.

Although shark attacks are uncommon, the International Shark Attack have compiled data for 2023 showing 69 confirmed cases globally, a slight increase over the average of 63 over the last five years. Almost half of these attacks occurred in Florida, with Volusia County known as the “shark bite capital of the world.”

In another tragic event last month, professional surfer Tamayo Perry lost his life after a shark attack off Oahu, Hawaii.

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