Putin Establishes AI Network for Alleged Attacks on the U.S.

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The Justice Department revealed on Tuesday that it has thwarted a Russian disinformation effort that utilized AI-powered bots to create bogus accounts on X social media platform. This move by Russia, reminiscent of the fictional Skynet AI from the “Terminator” films, involved the use of artificial intelligence to fabricate social media identities, often masquerading as Americans, to propagate pro-Russian sentiments.

U.S. officials confiscated two web domains and investigated 968 accounts on X, which they claim were part of a Russian-controlled AI “bot farm.” The FBI stated that this operation primarily aimed to amplify the reach of RT’s (Russia Today) television content on social media through these AI-generated profiles. RT is a Moscow-based news agency operated by the Kremlin.

This marks the first U.S. disruption of a Russian-backed AI-enhanced social media bot farm, according to FBI Director Christopher Wray. The project, according to a court document, was conceptualized in 2022 by RT’s deputy editor-in-chief and was both sanctioned and funded by the Kremlin, involving a Russian intelligence officer.

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland emphasized that as Russia continues its aggressive actions, including its ongoing conflict in Ukraine and threats to global democracies, the Justice Department will keep using its full legal powers to counteract Russian hostility and safeguard Americans.

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