Transportation alternatives during St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Law enforcement says those relying on rideshare services like Lyft and Uber may have a harder time catching rides this weekend. Officials are anticipating more traffic on the roads over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

David Hielshcher caught an Uber downtown on Friday to enjoy the festivities. He says even though the price seems higher than usual, his overall experience went well — but admitted he worried about catching an Uber back to his hotel later on.

“I got notice it will take a little longer, and the price might spike, too,” he said.

St. Patrick’s Day weekend is expected to draw in thousands of visitors to the Las Vegas valley, and many people told Channel 13 they planned on drinking.

Nevada State Police acknowledged the amount of drink that will be consumed in town, and they warned everyone to do it responsibly. Sgt. Colby Powell says since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday, they expect to see more people out celebrating compared to previous years.

“We’re going to do our best to saturate the roadways with protocol to ensure we’re keeping safe as possible and protecting as many lives as we can,” Powell said.

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