Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis’ new lawyer points to ‘historic’ trial in Tupac case

A former Los Angeles-area gang leader jailed in Las Vegas in the 1996 killing of hip-hop music icon Tupac Shakur has hired a private attorney who pointed Monday to what he expects will be a historic murder trial.

Duane “Keefe D” Davis dismissed court-appointed lawyers and hired veteran criminal defense lawyer Carl Arnold, who said in a statement that his office was “honored by the opportunity to represent Mr. Duane Davis in what will be one of the most historic trials of the century.”

“We look forward to Mr. Davis being found not guilty at the conclusion of his trial,” the statement said, adding that Davis anticipates posting bail so he can help prepare his defense.

Robert Arroyo, one of Davis’ former lawyers from the Clark County special public defender’s office, said Monday that he and co-counsel Charles Cano wished Davis well and referred questions to Arnold.

Arnold has served during public fatality reviews as representative of relatives of people killed by police. He has also been sanctioned twice by the Nevada State Bar during 20 years of practice.

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