If You’re Going On A First Date Then Don’t Emulate These Guys

First dates, especially when we’re truly excited about the person we’re seeing, are palpitation-inducing experiences.

We all get that flicker and glimmer of hope that holy moly I hope this is someone I actually hit it off with and I hope that they feel the same way.

So we try to put our best feet forward. We clean ourselves up. We research the best restaurants in the area that are “first date appropriate.” Maybe we even practice our first greeting in the mirror like a loser in some lame romantic comedy.

Because we’re so on edge and the very nature of meeting someone for the first time to potentially pursue as a romantic interest, first dates could very easily go into the territory of the cringe-inducing.

Naturally, you’ll want to find a way to stop that from happening and while I’m no love guru, I can tell you that avoiding what these guys did is probably a good idea. The question was first brought up on Twitter.

And the responses came rolling in. There was this guy whose idea of dinner and drinks was definitely awesome, just not first date awesome.

This guy who really wanted a captive audience.

This guy who equates drinking coffee with getting laid.

This guy who really jumped the gun.

This double-dipping moron who couldn’t hold back their tears when they were caught.

This dude who definitely wasn’t a member of the Bey-hive.

Then there was this dude who really wanted to protect his pride.

Of course there’s the obligatory self-deprecating tweet.

And people who were willing to share their own embarrassing experiences. Sometimes the cringe is a two-way street.

There was this dude who showed up late and then acted like it was no big deal.

This guy who felt a bit insecure about home ownership.

This girl’s first date story is absolutely horrifying.

Then he sent her this memento of their first horrible date together.

So if you’re got a first date coming up that you’re feeling anxious about you can probably console yourself with the fact that it definitely won’t be as awkward/terrible as these were.