5 dogs reunited with Indiana soldiers who helped rescue them

SHELBYVILLE— On Wednesday, at a Shelbyville hotel, a group of five dogs known as the “The Fab Five” were reunited with the U.S. Army soldiers who rescued and cared for them on a remote military base in Africa.

“We had to rely on locals to help with donkeys, boats, push carts, anything possible to get them out of that area,” said Niki Dawson, with Paws of War.

Soliders reunited with dogs

Five soldiers from Indiana were all on a military base in Africa when a stray dog gave birth. The soldiers took care of them and reached out to Paws of War to help get them off the airbase.

That journey started three months ago.

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“I think our biggest concern was that they weren’t gonna make it. Now that they’re here, it’s more real,” said Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Branson.

The five puppies were named Tusker, Safari, Jonsey, Tiifu and Mlinzi.

Indiana soldiers reunited with dogs

Paws of War is a national organization that helps the military save animals they rescue overseas. They also provide a variety of other resources, like service dogs for veterans.

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