Cops capture man wanted for allegedly killing his wife in front of daughter in NJ

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (PIX11) — A man is in custody following an all-day search after he shot and killed his estranged wife in front of her high school-aged daughter, according to investigators.

According to Jersey City Public Schools, the daughter dialed 911 in an effort to save the life of her mother, a well-known and adored elementary school teacher. She had reportedly been getting ready to go to school when her life was tragically taken.

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Temera King was the victim of domestic violence, according to members of her family, as well as an eyewitness.

A woman who gave only her first name, Joanna, lives on the same floor as King. Joanna said that just after 7:00 a.m., she saw her neighbor, Lucus Cooper, pass by her in the third-floor hallway and enter King’s apartment as Joanna entered her home.

“When I closed my door, I heard the shots,” Joanna said. “‘Bang, bang, bang, bang,’ and that was it.’”

She said that at first, she’d thought it was something other than gunshots because King’s 15-year-old daughter was in the home. Quickly, though, Joanna said that she’d realized the worst had happened, very close to home.

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