Survivors of 1974 deadly tornadoes in Ohio reflect on 50-year anniversary

It’s been 50 years since a Super Outbreak of deadly tornadoes hit 13 states, including the Tri-State.

When one group of survivors sat down with WCPO 9, they said the sight and sound of a tornado is something that sticks with you. So is what you see in the pictures they still have from April 3, 1974.

“There was nothing left,” Terri Hess said.

She was 8-years-old, living on Danville Drive in Green Township when a tornado tore through her street on April 3, 1974.

She still has a picture of the desk she and her family sat under in their basement, trying to protect themselves from the tornado. Anne Gambetta

“This is what saved us,” she said.

Tracey Gerstner and her family also made it through the severe weather event, but she said it was a close call. Just minutes before the tornado hit, they were having dinner at home.

“I remember my dad abruptly getting up from the table, looking out the back door and he said, ‘Marge, get those kids in the basement right now, that tornado’s coming right for us,'” Gerstner said.

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