These Missouri cities are named the state’s filthiest

MISSOURI ( KSNF ) — With an abundance of natural beauty, places of historical significance, awe-inspiring landmarks, and accomplished major league sports teams, Missouri has rightfully earned its nickname, the “Show-Me State.”

However, one study is showing the dirt it has on the Show-Me State, by naming two Missouri cities as some of the filthiest in America. A recent study conducted by LawnStarter names Kansas City as the dirtiest city in Missouri.

The study examined over 150 of the biggest cities in America to find out which are the dirtiest. The rankings are determined by publicly available data in four categories: Pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction (or how happy residents are in each city listed). While Kansas City may be the dirtiest city in Missouri, according to the study, it’s not the most filthy in the country. Kansas City is ranked 44th — but the number one ranked, dirtiest city in the U.S. is Houston, Texas.


According to the study on America’s dirtiest cities, Kansas City ranks 37th out of all 154 cities for worst pollution levels. Ground-level ozone and particulate matter in the area contribute to Kansas City’s levels of air pollution. There is even an established ozone season for the city, which goes from March to October.

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