March against violence held in honor of pastor killed in road rage

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — More than a hundred community members joined together Sunday to march against violence in honor of a beloved Pastor who was killed on June 24, in what police believe was a road rage shooting.

“No more violence,” and “we want justice,” was echoed throughout the parking lot at Palm Center on Griggs Road.

Pastor Ronald Mouton, 58, was killed on the feeder of the Gulf Freeway after police said he and another driver got into an argument, exchanged words, and held up traffic for about 10 seconds.

Houston police released footage of the suspect’s car described as a 2008 to 2010 Honda Accord.

Ronald’s twin brother, Roland Mouton, is also a pastor.

“I’ve been pastoring and counseling people for 34 years. And now, I got to go to counseling,” Roland said. “My grief is so deep. Now I have to go to counseling. I just want the closure.”

Roland said he and his family forgive their loved one’s killer.

“I’d be willing to walk you in if you wanted to, and you killed my brother,” Roland said. “I am standing here today saying I will walk you in if I had to. I just want you to help me get justice so my family can get justice.”

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