Lingering icicles pose a threat as Kentucky temperatures start to rise

LEXINGTON, Ky. ( FOX 56 ) — The snow and ice covering our city are starting to fade away, but some icicles of varying sizes are still hanging around. Public safety officials said these could pose a threat to you and your homes.

Tim Brandewie with Lexington-Fayette Emergency Management told FOX 56 that they are sharp, hard as rock, and can be dangerous.


“A major icicle coming off a gutter on a tall building, that’ll come down like a boulder,” said Brandewie, who serves as the Emergency Operations Manager. “I mean, I’ve seen smashed windshields; I’ve seen them damage hoods; again, those are more extreme examples. But, you know, you get a decent-sized icicle to fall from a couple of stories up and hit you, it’s going to cause damage.”

That’s why Brandewie said it’s imperative to stay aware of your surroundings when out and about.

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