Jessamine County emergency shelter needs community’s help to stay open

Jessamine County Homeless Coalition serves hot meals to people in Nicholasville every day. They’ve been in the community for eight years.

April McCubbins started coming to the shelter in 2017, when she was homeless in Lexington for three years. Now, she’s this shelter’s operations director. She says this place gave her a second chance.

She says, “It gave me a safe place to sleep every night, a safe place to keep the few belongings that I and an opportunity to change the way I was living.”

McCubbins has seen the shelter give a lot of people that opportunity. Now, this shelter’s leaders are fighting to keep it going.

Executive director Johnny Templin says, “It offers two main programs — one’s an emergency stay, and the other is a 90-day case management program.”

Templin says they offer a lot. “We also offer laundry, meals, and showers to the community as needed.”

Although they operate mostly off what the community gives them, it still costs around $6,000 to keep things running every month. A while back, they hoped to expand on Broadway Street, but after the purchase, they learned the space was contaminated and couldn’t have anything built.

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