Little Rock apartment complex residents left without running water for a week

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For one apartment complex, recent intense weather has left some tenants without running water for a week.

When the snow blew in last Monday, some people living at Barrington Hills Apartments woke up to find the faucets they left dripping overnight were completely dry.

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They contacted Working4You about what was going on, with their top complaint being the unclear communication from the leaders at the apartment complex and the lack of water.

Layla Brown is one of the residents of the apartment complex.

“I have not been able to wash clothes, I have to go to my mother’s house to shower,” Brown described. “We don’t use the bathroom anymore.”

Brown said the apartment complex has been emailing them regarding the situation. Another person living there, Douglass Gay, said they were all told last week they had people on-site looking at the issue.

“You can’t turn, can’t flush the commode, can’t do anything,” he said. “Ain’t any water.”

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