Column: I’m part of the ‘great replacement.’ It’s not what believers say it is

Children like me.

Board president Harald Martin, a native of Austria and the author of the proposal, blamed us for a supposedly degrading educational system in my hometown. He had even appeared on National Public Radio to compare Latino students to the small, furry critters from the “Star Trek” universe that once overwhelmed the Starship Enterprise.

“They were so cute and fluffy, nice little things when there were four or five of them,” Martin said. But once they numbered in the thousands, he added, “it wasn’t so nice anymore.”

As an American, I felt betrayed.

Having graduated two years earlier from Anaheim High, I was a Doc Martens-wearing, “Simpsons”-quoting nerd who expected to earn a film degree within two years at Chapman University and fully assimilate into American life by moving to south Orange County.

What else was I supposed to do? I had never considered myself anything other than 100% Made in the U.S.A. — even if my creators were a Mexican immigrant father and mother, the former of whom came in the trunk of a Chevy.

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