Boeing agrees to new framework to clean up Santa Susana Field Laboratory contamination

Boeing has agreed to strict new protocols to clean up the contamination of the former Santa Susana Field Laboratory in the hills of Simi Valley, where rocket engines, small-scale nuclear reactors, and chemical lasers were once researched and tested.

The framework was announced last week and involves Cal EPA’s Department of Toxic Substances Control and the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. It ensures Boeing will clean up radionuclides in soil to levels that would have existed without industrial activity, cleanup of chemical contamination to restore areas to the standard of “resident with a garden,” and so that stormwater runoff from those former testing areas will not be polluted.

Test buildings at Rocketdyne’s field lab near Simi Valley. FILE PHOTO taken 7/26/94 of the main section of the Rocketdyne Santa Susana Field Laboratory facility where an explosion killed two workers and injured another . Steve Osman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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