These JCPS schools are expected to be over their enrollment capacities next year

Jefferson County Public Schools’ student enrollment next year could leave schools beyond capacity while other buildings sit nearly empty, according to projections that will be discussed during the school board’s first meeting of the year.

Board members will receive projections Tuesday night that span the next five years, showing each school’s expected student body alongside that building’s optimal capacity. While some schools are projecting their enrollment to be up to 125% of the capacity, others are expected to have just 32% of the students needed to fill their school.

The district operates 150 traditional K-12 schools in addition to specialized schools and programs that are expected to serve nearly 97,000 students in the next school year, according to projections. The overall enrollment is up slightly from the year prior but down about 1,500 students compared to five years ago.

Below is what we know about the schools, not including specialized schools and programs.

Overcrowded schools

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