Dane Co. Humane Society asks for help to treat dog who was attacked by other dog, hit by car

MADISON, Wis. — The Dane County Humane Society is asking for help to treat a dog who was attacked by another dog and hit by a car.

Queenie got loose from her family in Texas and suffered a dislocated hip and broken leg from the incident. Once reunited, her family took her to a shelter to be humanely euthanized. But an area rescue group gave her another chance at life, paying for her immediate medical needs as well as her transfer to Madison.

Because of the injuries to Queenie’s left front paw, the main paw pad and two toes were removed. Unfortunately, DCHS veterinarians said her paw has not healed fully and is still causing her lots of pain, leading veterinarians to decide that amputating the leg is the best option.

“She limps noticeably and tries to lick and chew on the foot, all of which indicate ongoing pain,” DCHS public relations coordinator Lisa Bernard said. “An amputation will allow us to get Queenie comfortable and pain free permanently.”

While DCHS gives regular care for animals transferred in, they need some extra help to fund major surgeries like an amputation. You can help Queenie by clicking or tapping the link here .

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