Former MPD Lieutenant Retires Before Hearing on Tyre Nichols Death Charges

The news of MPD lieutenant DeWayne Smith’s retirement comes one day after he was charged by the department for violating policies about Tyree Nichols’ death. Nichols was beaten to death by officers, and Smith was the on-scene supervisor that night. This announcement has sparked outrage among the public, who believe that anyone involved in the brutal killing of Tyree Nichols should be held fully accountable.

According to documents from the MPD, Smith concluded that Nichols’ behavior was a result of drugs or alcohol, despite evidence to the contrary. He failed to gather information from his fellow officers on the use of force and did not call for medical personnel, even though he saw injuries to Nichols’ face and mouth. The department charged him with neglect of duty for failing to command the scene and making unauthorized public statements to Nichols’ family.

During a Memphis city council committee meeting, some counselors expressed concern over Smith being able to retire and still be eligible for his pension. It’s troubling that his parents will essentially be paying this officer to go on and live his life, despite his involvement in something that led to the loss of a young man’s life.

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