After two hit-and-runs on Cloverdale walking trail, changes could slow traffic

By most gauges, Cloverdale’s trail has been a success. It winds along roadways and sidewalks throughout the neighborhood. Striping delineates the trail’s boundaries on asphalt.

Every day, parents pushing strollers, kids walking home from schools, runners grabbing a quick jog and dedicated pet owners walking their dogs utilize the trail. But in the last two months, cars have hit two women running on the trail, leading to calls for better safety efforts surrounding the area.

Deborah Hall is a Cloverdale resident for more than three decades and uses the trail two to three times a day. Hall spoke at the March 5 city council meeting and described the Feb. 25 hit-and-run that she said left one of the women running on the trail with head injuries that impact her vision. The victim was hit so hard that the vehicle’s mirror landed in her neighbor’s lawn, Hall said.

The first hit-and-run was on Valentine’s Day, said Scott Pierce, who is a member of the Old Cloverdale Association and worked to create the trail.

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