Florida Senate President Passidomo loses husband in terrible national park fall

The president of the Florida Senate, who also represents residents in Naples and the surrounding area, lost her husband in a terrible fall at a national park Monday, halfway across the country.

Kathleen and John Passidomo were hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park in Garfield County, Utah, when John, 72, fell and suffered massive head trauma, among other injuries. He had to be transported directly from the hiking trail to a hospital, and then to a trauma center.

After 24 hours of intensive medical care, doctors advised that John Passidomo would not survive his injuries, and he died Monday afternoon, surrounded by his wife and 3 daughters.

Right after the incident, other hikers on the trail were among the first to reach Passidomo and were able to take some life-saving measures that both prolonged his life long enough to say goodbye to family and to preserve his organs, as he was an organ donor. Late Tuesday night, matches for several of his organs were identified. A memo to all State Senators and Senate Professional staff stated “The President and her family are taking comfort in the fact their great loss has resulted in life-saving gifts for other families..[sic]”

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