New HAWK crosswalk installed on Dickerson Pike

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Many people and groups have documented how Dickerson Pike is one of the most dangerous corridors in Nashville.

It’s something Karla Beristain Leon can agree with.

“When I’m driving to different areas for work I see a lot of people just crossing very dangerously to be honest,” said Beristain Leon.

But something new is now in place to help make things safer.

In early March, Stansell Electric installed the city’s first High Intensity Activated Crosswalk, or HAWK System, at the intersection of Dickerson Pike and Sunset Drive.

‘HAWK beacon’ set up to help pedestrians walk across Dickerson Pike, considered one of Nashville’s deadliest roads

“The nice thing about this system is it actually puts red lights up so people are required to stop by law,” said CEO Dave Stansell.

Once activated, traffic in both directions is required to stop so pedestrians will be able to safely cross the street.

The Skyliner mixed-income apartments across the street worked with Stansell Electric, Nashville Department of Transportation, Nashville Electric Service and Urban Housing Solutions to incorporate this system into their building plans.

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