Rattlesnake Bites California Toddler on Her Own Driveway

A California toddler was rushed to hospital after a rattlesnake bit her on her own driveway.

Three-year-old Alice Germar had been barefoot in the driveway in Butte Creek Canyon as she helped her father take out the trash on June 30, SFGate reported.

The rattlesnake then lunged at the toddler and bit her on her foot.

Germar was immediately rushed to the Enloe Medical Center to receive treatment, where she was given antivenom.

The toddler was then flown to the UC Davis Medical Center to receive further specialized treatment as a precaution.

Tia Germar, the toddler’s mother, told SFGATE the toddler is doing well and “has already gone through four popsicles in the hospital.”

Newsweek has contacted Tia Germar for further information.

Rattlesnakes have extremely potent venom. Bites can be fatal if they are left untreated, however deaths are very rare.

The snakes will only bite when they feel threatened or provoked in some way. Many bites occur when people are barefoot, or wearing open-toed shoes, and accidentally step on or near one. This will cause the startled snake to lash out.

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