Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody talks crime prevention in Ocala

Sheriff’s representatives from more than half of the state’s 67 counties were at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday to show their support for a report highlighting the importance of being tough on crime.

Multiple speakers at the event, hosted by Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods, said the goal is to keep residents and businesses safe from criminals and to ensure peace and prosperity.

Up for discussion Wednesday was a new 18-page booklet from the Florida Sheriffs Research Institute and the Florida Chamber of Commerce entitled “Building Stronger Safer Cities, Avoiding Dangerous Policy Off-Ramps to Secure Florida’s Future Success.”

According to that report, “Tragically, in many states and cities around our nation, leaders have made policy decisions that drove their communities off the path of economic prosperity and security into crime-ridden despair and ruin.”

Attorney General Ashley Moody, the keynote speaker at the gathering, said Florida is not following the model of big cities in other states when it comes to crime, criminal behavior or criminals. Moody said Florida is passing laws that fight crime and supporting the law enforcement agencies that enforce those laws.

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