Florida man shoots roommate in front of kids in bizarre ‘vigilance drill’: ‘Bro, I could assassinate you right now’

A Florida man accidentally shot his roommate in the face in front of two small children after mistaking a comment he made as one of their bizarre “vigilance drills,” according to police.

Brad Markey-Perez, 25, was arrested Tuesday for shooting his friend on March 20 at their residence in Orange City, according to a police report obtained by ClickOrlando .

Markey-Perez was in his living room when the unidentified victim came out of the kitchen and told him, “Bro, I could assassinate you right now in the blink of an eye,” the affidavit says.

Thinking his roommate was engaging in one of their regular armed drills to “stay vigilant” and had something in his hands, Markey-Perez told police he pointed a gun at him and accidentally pulled the trigger.

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Brad Markey-Perez, 25, shot his roommate during a “drill” last month, police said. Volusia County Corrections

The safety was off and the bullet struck the victim in the jaw, cops said.

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