11 Investigates: Pittsburgh police chief considering 12-hour shifts

Is Pittsburgh’s police chief already having second thoughts about his new staffing plan?

About a month ago, Chief Larry Scirotto moved officers from eight-hour to 10-hour shifts.

He said he was doing it because that’s what officers told him they wanted.

And he said it would help with officer wellness.

But Channel 11 Chief Investigator Rick Earle learned the chief is now floating a new proposal, and it’s not sitting well with the union.

According to multiple sources inside the department, the chief is now floating the idea of going to 12-hour shifts.

“We went to a four 10-hour work schedule that gives them 52 extra days off a year,” said Chief Scirotto at a news conference in late February, when announcing the move to the four-day work week and a host of other operational changes.

He admitted that some of the changes are in response to the dwindling number of officers.

Five years ago, there were more than 1,000 officers.

Today the department has approximately 740 officers.

Since unveiling the operational changes and the 10-hour shifts, there have been some hiccups.

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