30 archers, 108 deer, 9,440 meals later, Pittsburgh proclaims pilot culling program a success

Pittsburgh could expand its deer hunting program after more than 100 deer were culled in a pilot program, Mayor Ed Gainey’s office said Wednesday.

The city launched a limited archery hunting program from Sept. 30 through Jan. 27 to manage the city’s white-tailed deer populations in Frick and Riverview parks.

Thirty local archers harvested 108 deer. More than half were donated to local food banks, providing 9,440 meals to people facing food insecurity, officials said.

Gainey called the program “a tremendous success.”

Officials said there were no public safety incidents related to the program.

Gainey’s office said officials will look to expand the program to include Schenley, Emerald View and Highland parks.

The initial proposal to launch a limited hunting program was met with controversy and concerns from residents, activists and some City Council members.

Council ultimately approved the program in early September.

In a report released Wednesday, city officials said there may also be some tweaks to the initiative in future years.

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