Gov. Cooper reiterates call for school voucher moratorium as Republicans consider funding increase

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – As lawmakers prepare to come back to Raleigh this month for the even-year short session, education funding is a key issue they’re expected to tackle.

Gov. Roy Cooper (D) spoke this week about some of the requests he’ll make to the Republican-controlled General Assembly as the legislature makes adjustments to the two-year budget enacted last fall.

The legislature passed the budget last fall, which Cooper allowed to go into law without his signature.

“You’re going to see a strong education budget from me: investments in our students and teachers and principals,” Cooper said.

The governor also has called on the legislature to fully fund the Leandro plan as the state Supreme Court, which has a Republican majority, reconsiders a decision to require the state to release the money to pay for the plan.

As Republican lawmakers discuss putting more money into the state’s school voucher program known as the Opportunity Scholarship, Cooper said he’ll reiterate his call for a moratorium. The vouchers provide taxpayer money to families to help pay for private schools.

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