Asian Americans face obstacles when seeking mental health care

Here’s what obstacles Asian Americans face when seeking mental health care 02:48

SACRAMENTO – This month, CBS13 is celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI) and spotlighting mental health awareness.

For many Asian Americans, their families made sacrifices that helped build a future for them in this country. But for the older generation, those sacrifices resulted in trauma that’s hardly talked about.

From being forced into an internment camp, excluded by society, or arriving in the U.S. as refugees of war, generations of Asian Americans have endured painful stereotypes, racism, and cultural prejudice.

“I escaped Vietnam when I was eight, and I arrived in the U.S. when I was nine,” said Dr. Carloee Tran.

Tran is an author, clinical psychologist, and a refugee of the Vietnam War.

“I escaped from Vietnam to the U.S. by boat and that experience has been transformational in my life in every way,” Tran said.

Speaking as a professional and from personal experience, Tran said the impact of trauma from wars is not only found in survivors but in their children.

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