Sharon Borine Top Capstone Award Spring 2023: Recognizing Outstanding Psychology Undergraduates and Their Research Projects

The Sharon Borine Top Capstone Award was given to four psychology undergraduates who produced outstanding senior projects. The selection process involved section leaders and faculty members nominating candidates, who are then evaluated and ranked by an ad-hoc panel of faculty members. The recipients of the Spring 2023 award were Kayla Chan, Anna Slukvin, Morgan Hoffman, and Bailee O’Reilly.

Kayla Chan was awarded the Top Honors Thesis Award for her paper exploring the relationship between subjective memory complaints in older adults, objective cognitive function, and psychological processes. Anna Slukvin received first place for her paper on opioid withdrawal-induced anhedonia measured by the Sucrose Preference Test. Morgan Hoffman’s paper investigated how receiving weight-related advice caused distress and discomfort among college students during health and wellness visits. Finally, Bailee O’Reilly’s paper explored the effectiveness of psychological interventions combined with physical rehabilitation on return-to-play outcomes in collegiate athletes following sports-related injuries.

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