DeSantis’ Anti-Woke Law Crushed in Florida Court

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been making headlines with his controversial policies, including the so-called “Stop-WOKE” act.

DeSantis is sailing with strong tailwinds. His base seems to support sensational policies and would love to see DeSantis stick it to politically and socially aware citizens.

However, recent legal developments have dealt a significant blow to the enforcement of anti-woke laws in the Sunshine state.

Deemed dystopian

The “Stop-WOKE” law, officially known as FL HB 7 (22R), aimed to restrict how race and gender could be taught in schools and universities. The legislation, championed by DeSantis and approved by the Republican-led Legislature in 2022, expanded anti-discrimination laws to prevent schools and companies from assigning guilt or blame to students and employees based on race or sex. It specifically targeted lessons on topics like “white privilege” and created new protections for students and workers.

Teaching about sensitive parts of our history could land teachers in trouble.

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