‘Everyday, it hurts’: St. Pete residents worried about uptick in crime

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Residents in St. Petersburg are on edge following a recent surge in crime.

Police are now dealing with multiple shooting investigations, all in the same neighborhood.

Neighbors said they are concerned about the rise in crime and safety of their families.

“Every day, every day it hurts. I’m tired because I got grandchildren,” Yvette Williams said. “Because you got mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers that are suffering right now because of this nonsense. So I’m asking young people, please, please put these guns down.”

One man was shot at an intersection along 18th Avenue South on Wednesday. Another man drove himself to a barbershop to get help after he was shot last Friday.

“I don’t know if it’s gang-related. My thing is, somebody’s shooting somebody and you’re coming to retaliate. It’s not going to serve the purpose. I’m saying it’s not going to settle anything. What you going to get out of it? Some of ya’ll are still dying,” Williams said.

On Easter Sunday, there was another shooting in the same area. Four people were injured after a dispute led to a shootout outside the Sonic Sports Bar and Lounge located at 400 49th Street South . Three people have since been arrested in connection with the shooting. Police said the men have ties to rapper Rod Wave.

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