Salem asks residents to report potholes after recent winter storms. Here’s how

The city of Salem said Monday that drivers are more likely to encounter potholes due to the recent winter storms and asked residents to report them so crews can fill them in.

Potholes occur when water that has seeped into cracks on streets freezes and thaws, weakening the asphalt, the city said. Vehicles further damage the weakened spots as they pass over them.

The city recommended drivers slow down and increase the distance between vehicles so they can better spot potholes and avoid them.

Salem residents can report potholes at or call Salem’s Public Works Dispatch Center at 503-588-6311. Residents will be asked to provide the address and nearest cross street and your name and contact information.

City spokesperson Trevor Smith said the reports of potholes helps the city identify, prioritize, and efficiently allocate resources to respond quickly.

The city can have up to six employees assigned for pothole repairs each day, Smith said.

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