Report: Texas distillery tourism generates more than $831 million for state

The Lone Star State’s 188 distillers made a total economic impact of nearly $831.7 million in 2022, the most recent year for which data is available, according to

new study

from the Texas Distilled Spirits Association.

The study shows the impact on-site and off-site spending by distillery visitors as well as the total economic impacts of distillery tourism, including total business sales, employment, labor income and tax impacts, TDSA officials said.

The industry also generated $459.4 million in total spending by non-local distillery visitors and $42.5 million in total state and local tax revenues, the study shows.

Tourism Economics, a subsidiary of Oxford Economics, crunched the numbers for TDSA.

“The booming growth of Texas distilleries in the last decade has contributed significantly to local and state economies,” Tourism Economics Head of Economic Development Michael Mariano said in a statement. “Texas distillers are playing a critical role in the state’s economy not only by generating sales, but by increasing tourism and the many industries positively impacted by visitors.”

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